Here at Highway 24, we have many services and supplies to help you and your pet. We encourage your questions and comments and about our services and supplies so we can better serve your needs.

  • laser

    Therapeutic Laser Therapy

    We are pleased to offer a new safe and painless treatment option for acute and chronic pain and wound healing for our 4-legged friends. Laser therapy can be used in many areas of treatment either alone or to enhance other treatment modalities. It has been scientifically prove to be effective in decreasing pain and improving function in a number of chronic conditions such as arthritis, tendonitis and back pain. It […]

  • service2


    Our clinic has a well stocked pharmacy with medications specific to dogs and cats. If giving a pill just won’t work we have at access to a compounding pharmacy that can make a chewable or liquid medication tailored to your pets tastes (tuna, peanut butter and chicken are some pet favourites). Additionally, if your pets medications are available at a human pharmacy we are more than happy to provide a […]

  • petfood

    Pet Food and Nutrition

    Unsure of what to feed your pet? We can help. There are so many new foods on the market with new ones seemingly daily. It can be overwhelming especially when you hear so many and possibly even conflicting recommendations. Nutrition is a large focus in our preventative wellness visits. We like to tailor our recommendations to the personal needs of your pet and within the budget of their owners. We […]

  • insurance


    Pet insurance involves the payment of monthly budgeted costs leaving you peace of mind knowing your pet can receive the best available treatment for your pet. Most pet insurance covers the costs of veterinary care involving accident or illness. Depending on the type of accident or illness veterinary care costs can increase rapidly, particularly as veterinary technology advances. We recommend that you take the time to see if pet insurance […]

  • CareCredit-Logo


    When a pet becomes ill, veterinary care is often an unexpected or unplanned expense. As a Veterinarian, our goal is to help pets but sometimes due to the unexpected nature of illness it is difficult to come up with the finances to cover these costs. With CareCredit’s healthcare credit card you can help your pet because CareCredit allows convenient monthly payments that fit your budget. CareCredit features a wide variety […]

  • vaccines

    Referral Services

    Did you know that there are veterinarian specialists for your dogs skin, eyes, teeth and more. These veterinarians have done intensive study in one area of veterinary medicine and have been required to pass board exams in their area of specialty. At our clinic we want to give your pet care the care they need and a referral to a specialist may be needed to achieve this.