Prevention of heartworm disease

By September 10, 2015 Uncategorized

Prevention of heartworm disease is very simple. Heartworm preventative for dogs is usually started between 2-3 months of age and the preventative is given once each month for life. (a daily heartworm preventative is also available).

Since heartworms are spread by mosquitoes which are prevalent 6 months of the year here in Ontario, pills can be given during this time frame for prevention.

Heartworms are the most life threatening parasite dogs can have. The microfilia (baby heartworms) are deposited in the dog’s body by a mosquito bite. These baby worms grow and move to the heart where the damage to your pet’s health is done.

Symptoms of heartworms do not show up sometimes for years. but early tests performed by your veterinarian will diagnose the disease before much damage is done. Your dog should be on the medication every month for life with once yearly testing to make sure the preventative is doing it’s job.

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