Pet Dental Health

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Traditionally, Pet Dental Month is celebrated in February. But this promotion as become so popular, the Highway 24 Vet Clinic has decided to repeat the campaign again in November. Dental health is directly related to your pet’s overall health, and taking care of their teeth helps ensure they can live a long, healthy life.

During dental month, all dental products, dental diets, dental procedures, and dental accessories are 15% off! We’ll highlight some of those products here and then demonstrate the importance of a professional dental cleaning with a case study of one of our patients.

CET Chews are a tooth-friendly way to fight plaque and tartar! They come in various sizes to fit the needs of every dog! Bonus: chewing helps fight cold-weather boredom!

Brushing is important but be sure to use toothpaste meant for pets, not people! We offer pet-specific toothpaste in a variety of flavors to suit even the pickiest palate!

Fight plaque and tartar with every meal! Specially designed kibble is scientifically proven to help fight dental disease as your pet eats! Kibble is available for both cats and dogs and also comes in a “small bites” version for teacup-sized canines!

Healthy Mouth Water Additive is the first VOHC approved water additive to aid in the prevention of dental disease. This product prevents the accumulation of bacteria in the mouth, thereby reducing plaque and keeping the mouth cleaner.

One of our friends taking advantage of the November dental specialists is Marco! This 8 year old shih tzu mix was recently adopted by one of our clients. His teeth had extensive calculus build up on his teeth, as well as some minor gingivitis starting. Typical for his breed type, his teeth were crowded and misaligned, meaning he could really benefit from us helping clean up his mouth.

Marco had bloodwork completed before surgery, to ensure that his body could handle undergoing a general anesthetic. Once we made sure there were no underlying diseases or concerns in the lab report, we had him come in first thing in the morning to be admitted for his procedure. Marco was sedated, given pain medication, and then placed under a general anesthesia and intubated. Once Marco was moved into the dental suite, his teeth were examined for any signs of dental disease. Our staff thoroughly checks the entire mouth for loose teeth, pockets, gum recession, and evaluates the amount of tartar and gingivitis. Then our technicians take digital dental radiographs to assess the health of the teeth underneath the gum line.

Teeth that are problematic are extracted and the pockets left behind are flushed and sutured with dissolvable suture material. In Marco’s case, some of his incisors were unhealthy required removal.

Once the teeth that need extraction have been removed, the rest of the teeth are cleaned and polished. Our technicians use tools very similar to the ones that your own dentist will use, including electronic polishers and prophy pastes, to help decrease tooth sensitivity, strengthen enamel, and reduce the amount of tartar and bacteria build up.

Once the cleaning and polishing is complete, the mouth is rinsed and flushed and the pet is recovered from anesthesia. Your pet will go home later that day, and will need to come back in two weeks to have the mouth assessed to ensure everything has healed well.

Marco is home healing now and feeling much better without any dental pain. After your pet has had a dental cleaning, you’re encouraged to keep up good oral health with at-home care treatments like using water additives, brushing teeth, feeding dental diets, or offering dental treats that are approved by the Veterinarian Oral Health Council, proven to be effective in reversing or preventing dental disease.

To schedule a dental exam for your pet, or to ask questions about their oral health or products or procedures, give the clinic a call!

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