Dr. Anthony Yu

Referral Veterinarian, BSc, DVM, MS, ACVD

We are very fortunate to have Dr. Yu practicing in Guelph. He is a highly experienced allergist and board certified dermatologist who is an invaluable resource.


Dr. Charlotte Pye

Referral Veterinarian, BSc, DVM, ACVD, DVSc

Dr. Pye has joined Dr. Yu at his dermatology referral practice following her residency at the O.V.C. She has done extensive research on Pseudomonas and continues to travel periodically to the Veterinary College in P.E.I. You can find out more on the referral practices website at http://yuofguelphvetderm.com/default.aspx.


Dr. Fraser Hale

Referral Veterinarian, DVM, Diplomate AVDC

Dr. Hale has owned and operated Hale Veterinary Dental services since 1991. He has been practicing veterinary medicine for over 26 years. He is available for any dental procedures from dental cleanings to fillings and root canals.

Dr. Kim Murphy

Referral Veterinarian, BSc, DVM, MRCVS, DVSc, DACVS

Dr. Murphy is a board certified veterinary surgeon that has worked at the O.V.C. and is now available to do specialty surgeries her at our clinic as well as at her own facility right here in Guelph. You can find out more at her own website – http://murphyvetsurgery.com/petowners.html.

Dr. Nick Whelan

Referral Veterinarian, DVM, MVetSci, Diplomate ACVO

Dr. Whelan is a renowned veterinary ophthalmologist who currently owns and operates The Animal Eye Clinic of Waterloo. Pior to this, Dr. Whelan served as associate professor at Iowa State University, was a senior lecturer at Massey University and most recently was assistant professor of Veterinary Ophthamolgy at OVC


Dr. Paolo Porzio

Referral Veterinarian, DVM, MVetSci, Diplomate ACVIM

Dr. Porzio is a board certified specialist in Internal Medicine with degrees from the University of Parma, the university of Saskatchewan, and diplomat status from the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine(ACVIM). Dr. Porzio has taught at the Ontario Veterinary College and is available for internal medicine consultation and is frequently at our hospital for ultrasounds.