At Highway 24, we practice progressive medicine with leading edge technology. Our doctors are all experienced veterinarians who collaberate frequently to ensure that all cases benefit from their varying interests and experience. In addition, our doctors connect with a national network of colleagues who offer advice and internal support on case management to ensure that your pet receives the most comprehensive attention.


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At Highway 24 Vet Clinic our veterinarians will assess your pets health risks which will allow them to make vaccination recommendations tailored to each individual pet. Once we have a plan in place we will automatically notify you your pet is due for vaccinations. We will remember so you don’t have to.

Wellness Pet Examinations

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At Highway 24 Vet Clinic we know the importance of regular examinations for your pet. Our veterinarians can detect problems early and make recommendations that will improve your pets health and longevity.

Hospital Care

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Sometimes your pet may require more intensive care than can be given at home. At our clinic we can provide that care. Our caring veterinarians and technicians will provide your pet with the treatment they need to get back on their feet and home where they belong.

Endoscopy and Ultrasound

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The use of ultrasound and endoscopy allows are veterinarians to make an accurate diagnosis for your pet. Our use of a board certified internal medicine specialist who comes to our clinic to perform these procedures. This lets us get a diagnosis quickly with minimal upset for you and your pet. It also give us the added benefit getting a specialists’ expertise in developing a treatment plan for your pet.

Diabetes and Other Endocrine Diseases

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Our pets just like us can develop endocrine diseases such as low thyroid and diabetes . Frequently these diseases will cause your pet to be more lethargic, have a change in appetite and water intake and alter their behaviours. Fortunately many of these diseases are very manageable and with proper treatment and care your pet can live a long and comfortable life.

Skin and Ear Problems

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Skin and ear problems are one of the most common reasons pets visit our clinic. Our experienced veterinarians are well versed in the treatment of the ear and skin diseases and we pride ourselves on staying up to date on any new approaches to these diseases. A thorough examination of your pet will help us to determine the problem and develop an effective treatment plan tailored to your pet.

Dental Care and Dentistry

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Highway 24 Veterinary Clinic is well stocked and prepared for all of your pets’ dental needs. From preventative dental aids such as oral rinses, dental chews, and specialized dental diets, to performing dental cleanings and surgery with our leading edge ultrasonic dental scaling unit and dental radiology.

At every annual wellness visit our doctors will examine your pet’s teeth and gums closely and evaluate the best course of action to maintain or treat any existing problems or concerns.

Dental Disease and Bad Breath

According to the American Veterianary Dental Society 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease by the age of 3. Our hospital team understands the importance of early preventative health care for your pet. We can discuss the options that are best suited to maintain your pets dental health. Should your pet require more extensive treatment we offer safe and affordable options performed by our experienced veterinarians and registered veterinary dental technicians.

To help keep up with our pets dental health, we offer “Dental Month” promotions twice a year, typically November and February. Contact the clinic and take advantage of our 15% discount promotion during our dental months.


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Our clinic is please to offer the latest in digital x-rays for your pet. This technology along with our highly trained technicians means we can get accurate results quickly with minimal stress for your pet.

Flea, Tick and Heartworm Prevention

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At Highway 24 Veterinary Clinic we will take the time to assess your pets risk of exposure and lifestyle so that we can recommend the best preventative product for your pet.

Heart Disease

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There are a number of different diseases of the heart that can affect your pet. Some of these diseases may be present at birth and others may develop over time. Our veterinarians will use a number of different methods to detect and evaluate heart disease in your pet. Among these are auscultation with a stethoscope, xrays, electrocardiograms (ECG) and cardiac ultrasound. Regular examinations of your pet can help detect these problems early so that treatment can be started before there is a lot of damage done to the heart.