Boarding and Medical Boarding for our Clients

At Highway 24 we look forward to helping you by taking excellent care of your pet with our experienced staff when you are away. Whether your pet is young and healthy or has special medical needs we will do our best to give him/her a second home.

It can be stressful having to find care for your pet while you are away and we are here to help. We offer boarding and medical boarding for our clients. At highway 24 we value personalized care which is why we offer limited boarding spots. Our dogs can be in a kennel or large run with access throughout the day to our fenced in grassed area. Our animal care attendants are often found playing outside however there are no walks outside of the fenced area.

Our cats are in kennels and have daily time in a large room to have some active time!

As we all know, it gets even harder to leave our pets as they head into the senior years, or if they have medical conditions that require specialized care or medications. That is why we provide medical boarding. Let our trained medical attendants under the supervision of our registered veterinary technicians and veterinarians look after your pet with peace of mind while you are away. All of our boarding pets are required to be current on vaccines , for dogs this also includes Bordatella (kennel cough). Exceptions are made for medical reasons only and by one of our staff veterinarians.