Dental Care and Dentistry

Highway 24 Veterinary Clinic is well stocked and prepared for all of your pets’ dental needs. From preventative dental aids such as oral rinses, dental chews, and specialized dental diets, to performing dental cleanings and surgery with our leading edge ultrasonic dental scaling unit and dental radiology.

At every annual wellness visit our doctors will examine your pet’s teeth and gums closely and evaluate the best course of action to maintain or treat any existing problems or concerns.

Dental Disease and Bad Breath

According to the American Veterianary Dental Society 80% of dogs and 70% of cats have dental disease by the age of 3. Our hospital team understands the importance of early preventative health care for your pet. We can discuss the options that are best suited to maintain your pets dental health. Should your pet require more extensive treatment we offer safe and affordable options performed by our experienced veterinarians and registered veterinary dental technicians.

To help keep up with our pets dental health, we offer “Dental Month” promotions twice a year, typically November and February. Contact the clinic and take advantage of our 15% discount promotion during our dental months.