Neutering is a surgical procedure done on male pets that involves the removal of the testicles. At our clinic we recommend that all kittens be neutered at 6 months of age, and most puppies as well . Not only does neutering help control the pet overpopulation problem but it also offers your dog several health benefits. Neutering does not change the disposition or personality of your pet but it can help curb some of the annoying male habits like urine marking, mounting and roaming. We recommend that your puppy or kitten be neutered for the following benefits:

Neutering your puppy or kitten prevents unwanted pregnancies.
  2. Neutering at 6 months of age decreases the risk of developing testicular and prostate cancer.
  3. Neutering decreases aggression problems.
  4. Neutered puppies and kittens are more likely to stay home so the likelihood of fighting, roaming, or getting hit by a car is decreased.
  5. Because neutered cats or dogs stay home more, their risk of encountering infectious disease is decreased.